Thursday, January 23, 2014

Home or Business Fires

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More than 80 percent of all fire deaths occur in the home. Fires in shared structures such as apartments, duplexes, and condos must be contained quickly to prevent spreading to other parts of the building.
Most home and business fires are caused by faulty wiring, gas explosions or improperly stored flammable liquids. Inadequate smoke detectors are also a very serious issue in fire related injuries. Because the tragic injuries and deaths in these cases may involve a variety of issues such as premises liability or defective products, it is vital to the victim's interest that they contact a qualified personal injury attorney immediately.

Accidental fires in mobile homes can be especially dangerous: the rate of death in a mobile home fire is almost twice as high as any other dwelling. Each year, there are more than 22,000 fires in mobile homes, killing 500 and injuring more than 1,000 people. Tragically, children account for more than 20 percent of those lost in a trailer park or mobile home fire.
The major source for these fires relates to heating and the electrical equipment within these dwellings. The design of a mobile home can make it difficult to reach an escape from the fire, resulting in severe burn injuries and the loss of life. It is important to have working smoke detectors and clear short routes to exits in order to prevent injury and save lives.

Products that use polyurethane foam and foam-filled products increase the dangers in these fires. Upholstered furniture and mattresses are a common source of ignition and when engulfed emit a thick black toxic smoke and intense heat, making escape all but impossible.

There may be several legal remedies for the victims and the families (estates) of these incidents. If construction defects, defective products or neglect attributed to a property owner has contributed to the ignition or rapid spread of a fire then the company, manufacturer or individual responsible may be held liable for damages, injuries or deaths.

A qualified personal injury attorney will utilize a team of experts to determine the area of the most severe fire damage, how the fire ventilated, what materials burned and the pattern of damage as well as the arc damage. They will also interview eyewitnesses to find out where they first saw the fire, analyze the accelerants in the fire debris, look at all appliances to determine if one of them could have been the cause and analyze the pattern of fire damage. 

It is important to preserve vital evidence from the scene of any home or business fire. If you or someone you love has been injured in a fire, contact a proven accident and injury attorney or call Brent Cordell at 1-844-8LEGAL8 (1-844-853-4258) to schedule a free consultation.